Springfield City Council approved $5 million for road improvements

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The Springfield City Council has approved using your tax money to fix the roads.

“Kids come around. They ride their bikes and stuff and some of them fall,” said Gerald Ducharme. He has lived on Eloise Street in Springfield for at least 7 years. He’s noticed how uneven sidewalks are dangerous for his wife in a wheelchair and kids in the neighborhood.

“They hit these big brakes and they’ll go down. If they can straighten them out, kids would be able to go up and down the sidewalk a lot safer,” said Ducharme.

Monday night, the Springfield City Council approved $5 million of state money in the form of a bond to be used to make infrastructure improvements, according to City Councilor Orlando Ramos.

Ramos told 22News $500,000 will be spent fixing some of the many sidewalks listed as needing repairs. “Some of the people have been on the list for 7 years dating back to the year 2000,” said Ramos.

$1.1 million will be spent on paving private ways. $1.4 million will help repair public roads.

“Two million dollars of this bond money will be spent on demolishing abandoned buildings throughout the City.”

“In fighting the blight, what we’re doing is improving the neighborhoods, hopefully attracting more businesses to the neighborhoods and improving quality of life and reducing crime.”

The streets have been prioritized by how long they’ve been on a list for repair and how damaged they are. The projects are expected to start in April of next year. The listed streets and sidewalks are spread throughout Springfield’s neighborhoods.

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