Pilot talks about surviving second plane crash

Danny Hall
Danny Hall is lucky to be alive after surviving a plane crash.

TORRINGTON, Conn. (WTNH)– Danny Hall is lucky to be alive after surviving a plane crash. He was flying a Cessna from Plainville on Saturday when he experienced engine problems just minutes into the flight.

Hall said, “I pulled my carb heat out thinking I had icing in the carburetor and that makes the plane run a little bit rougher, the engine was running very rough and I was starting to descend.”

Hall was forced to find a place to make an emergency landing. “I saw this what I thought was a road with no vehicles on it so I figured this was a nice road to pick because there were a lot of roads there and they were pretty busy.”

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(Twitter/Brian Foley, Hartford police deputy chief)
(Twitter/Brian Foley, Hartford police deputy chief)

Five seconds before the plane went down, Hall radioed the air traffic controller that he was crash landing. “I said if I don’t make this please tell my kids I love them and he responded okay, ” Hall added.

Hall narrowly missed homes and cars. He landed on a bus-only corridor between Hartford and New Britain.

This is not the first time Hall has been in a plane crash. Six years ago Hall made it out of this plane without a scratch. He was forced to land his plane over the Pawcatuck River in Rhode Island. Hall said, “about two minutes from the airport I pulled my car heat which is what you would do and a mouse made a nest in the air intake.”

Hall’s children say when they found out their father was in another plane they were terrified. Jeffery Hall said, “I felt nervous because I actually didn’t know If he was going to come out alive.”  Sam Hall added, “my mom said he was still alive. I didn’t know what was going on I was really scared because I don’t want to lose anyone in my family.”

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