Northampton mayor, businesses meet to fill BID void

The BID was dissolved following a lawsuit

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – The mayor of Northampton met with downtown business and property owners Tuesday to talk about how they will move forward after the Business Improvement District was dissolved.

The Business Improvement District was dissolved after two business owners filed a lawsuit saying the group was improperly established five years ago.

Mayor David Narkewicz met with downtown business and property owners at the Hotel Northampton Tuesday to discuss how to move forward now that the BID no longer exists. BID had taken care of turning on the holiday lights, cleaning up cigarettes, and snow removal. Now, it’s up to the property owners.

Narkewicz said, “That’s why it’s important for all of the downtown stakeholders to come together to think about going forward, what’s the plan. Is there some way to do this in a collaborative, cooperative approach, or is this something that people are going to do on an individual basis.”

Bud Stockwell of Cornucopia Foods in Northampton said, “I feel like this lawsuit and the destruction of the BID is devastating to Northampton, and what I hope is that the people who broke it have some ideas on how they see repairing things.”

The Mayor said much of Tuesday night’s meeting was about getting past the issue of no longer having BID. Now, the hope is to get a group together that can continue talk about what comes next.

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