Domestic violence is more than just an assault

About a dozen people have died due to domestic violence in MA

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GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The wife of former Baltimore Ravens Player Ray Rice is speaking out about the video that surfaced showing her then-fiancé hitting her in an elevator. Ray Rice said he had never abused her before that incident, or since.

According to the Massachusetts Coalition Against Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence, a dozen people have died due to domestic violence in Massachusetts in 2014.

Michael Baines of Shelburne said we all have a part to be active in eradicating violence in the home, but added that men have a special role in this battle. “For me, overall, it’s not just a gender issue. However, as men, we’re in the best position to confront other men about their violence towards women.”

Domestic violence is more than assault. Domestic abuse can be characterized as rape, stalking and verbal abuse. Barbara Curzi of Greenfield said, “Violence against women, just like racism and violence against anyone, if it’s for someone who’s smaller or younger or less able, it’s the worst of humanity to be like that.”

Franklin County residents told 22News, we have to do a better job educating children about recognizing the signs of domestic violence.

If you need help, contact NELCWIT in Greenfield at 413-772-0871.

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