December warm-up possible after cold November

Typically we get 11 inches of snow in December in the lower Pioneer Valley

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Winter got off to an early start in November and now we’re in the typically snowier month of December.

“I think it was a little colder than usual, but it’s the time of the year,” said Quevia Amaral from Springfield.

Daytime highs were 3 degrees colder than normal in November and night time lows were almost 5 degrees below normal.

Then there was the snow. Last week’s storm put us above average for snowfall in the lower Pioneer Valley where at least 4 inches fell, more snow than normal, but not a blockbuster storm.

“I know everybody got a little excited about it and nervous, but it wasn’t a bad storm at all and if it’s a sign of what’s to come in December I think it’s all normal,” said Mary O’Connell from Feeding Hills.

December isn’t typically our snowiest month, but it’s up there. In fact it’s in the top three. We usually get about 11 inches of snow in the lower Pioneer Valley in December. However, we get the most snow in January and February, before it drops off quickly as we get closer to spring.

December temperatures typically head into the low 20s at night and upper 30s during the day.

Melting snow and rain seem more likely in December as the outlook from the Climate Prediction Center is for a higher chances of a warmer than normal month ahead.

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