Last minute turkey day shoppers hit the stores

AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – Last minute shoppers braved the weather today to make sure they had everything they needed for a Thanksgiving feast.

Outside Atkins Farms in Amherst, the snow was falling. While inside, the registers were ringing.

Atkins Farms shoppers were on a mission.

With their shopping lists in hand they went isle by isle filling their cart with pies, stuffing, potatoes and Turkeys.

With the warning of a winter storm given days in advance, the shoppers told 22News why they waited.

“I thought about coming yesterday but then I said well, It’s going to snow today but I would rather have fresh pies, so I waited until the last minute, which is kind of my style,” said Lisa Musante of Amherst.

Many people were picking up their pre-ordered turkeys. Atkins can also cook them for you.

“I’m picking up the turkey that we pre-ordered and we’re going to cook it tomorrow. I just found out they sell about 300 plus Turkeys for people to cook, so I’m one of the many,” said Paula Allen of Amherst.

At the Atkins bakery, nearly 3,000 pies of every flavor were being made fresh. The baking operation requires putting in extra hours and the help of nearly every employee.

“There is nothing like the past two days for teamwork,” said Atkins Bakery Manager Holly Bajgier.
“We’ve had office help working in the bakery and everyone is everywhere helping everyone.”

And if you still haven’t picked up everything you need for Thanksgiving, Atkins will be open on Thanksgiving Day until Noon.

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