I-Team: Highest paid state employees

AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) On Monday, a special commission is expected to recommend salary increases for some top state officials, including the Governor.

The 22News I-Team discovered there are at least 85 hundred state workers who will make six figures this year.

Governor-elect Charlie Baker will soon move into the newly remodelled corner office at the State House, but the new leader of the Commonwealth will be far from the highest paid in the state.

Governor Patrick has made $134,285 so far this year, but 1,795 state workers have made even more than that.

“It does surprise me. It’s seems to me he should be the one running the show,” said Holyoke’s Christine Laboursoliere.

The 22News I-Team found the top 50 highest paid state employees work in the UMass system.

Head Basketball coach Derek Kellogg tops the list.

So far, he’s made $1.1 million dollar this year

Former head football coach Charley Molnar is the second highest paid state employee this year.

He received a $963,035 buyout in one lump sum after he was fired in December.

New head football coach Mark Whipple brings in less than half that but is still a top 15 earner who’s already made $350,000 this year.

“It’s all competition, you know?  They can go anywhere they want,” said Springfield’s Al Whitehouse.

As casinos move forward in Massachusetts it may come as no surprise, members of the states gaming commission are among some of the highest paid in the state, but only one makes more than the Governor. It’s not chairman Steven Crosby, it’s Rick Day, the executive director, who’s made $163,654 so far this year.

Another money-maker bringing in more than the Governor is Olga Roche, the Department of Children & Families Commissioner who resigned this year after a 5 year-old Fitchburg boy died on her watch.

“It’s clear from the events of this weekend that she can no longer command the trust of the public,” Patrick said about Roche earlier this year.

She’s been paid out $160,041 dollars so far this year.

Rounding out the list of people who make more than the governor are state troopers, court officers, health and education workers.

Some have smaller salaries than the governor but bring in more at the end of the day when you include things like overtime costs and bonuses.

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