Flight cancellations increase as weather conditions worsen

WINDSOR LOCKS, Conn. (WWLP)- The earliest of morning airline travelers at Bradley International Airport were greeted with long security lines and worries they didn’t schedule their flight early enough to beat the incoming snow.

“I made the plans a few days ago and then all of the sudden I see the storm coming and its like ‘Oh my goodness’ because it was either I leave Tuesday or Wednesday,” Sandy Middleton of South Windsor, Conn., told 22News.

Others said the pending snow had them quite concerned over delays and cancellations that they expected to face.

Molly Byron, was hoping her flight to Florida didn’t come with any weather related hiccups. “I’ve had layovers where it’s been delayed before and its been awful. I’m really hoping is doesn’t get delayed,” Byron said.

Many travelers, like Will McGee of Chicago, eagerly watched departure schedules with high hopes they would make it to their Thanksgiving Day destination as planned. “I’ve been through a lot of delayed flights in my time being from Chicago, so I just want to get home at a reasonable hour,” McGee said.

Most travelers were able to take off with minimal delays throughout the morning, but by noontime 14 of the afternoon flights out of Bradley had been cancelled. Throughout the Northeast, more than 200 flights had been canceled.

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Connecticut Airport Authority representatives told 22News travelers should call your airline before getting to the airport to make sure your flight is still running as scheduled.

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