Ferguson: Nationwide Protests

Ferguson: Nationwide Protests
Crowds take to the streets in cities across the United States to decry the grand jury decision in Ferguson, Missouri.

NEW YORK CITY (NBC News) Michael Brown supporters are asking those frustrated with the grand jury decision to avoid shopping on Black Friday.

It’s a different kind of protest from those that sprang up across the country Tuesday.

In Washington a choreographed demonstration showed solidarity with those in Ferguson, in Dallas streets were blocked by demonstrators, and in Chicago President Obama was compelled to address the anger that lead to massive demonstrations nationwide

“My message to those people who are constructively moving forward, trying to organize, mobilize, and ask hard, important questions about how we improve the situation. I want all those folks to know that their President is going to work with them,” Mr. Obama said.

Ferguson is not the only city where protesters clashed with law enforcement.

In Los Angeles police officers had things thrown at them, and protesters set a fire in the middle of the street in Oakland.

Arrests were made in several other cities, but overall the demonstrations were peaceful.

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