Bradley International Airport travel concerns

WINDSOR LOCKS, Conn.(WWLP) – Some flights are departing and arriving on time, about 20 flights have been cancelled. Many of the cancellations were scheduled for Chicago, Illinois.

Kevin Dillon, Executive Director of the Connecticut Airport Authority, told 22News he has about 60 pieces of heavy equipment clearing the airfield here Bradley to keep up with the consistent snowfall.

Most cancellations are due to earlier flight delays from other airports. Once too many flights get delayed, an airline often has to cancel some of their later flights.

Many people who flew out early this morning were able to leave on time, like Sandy Middleton who traveled to Florida for Thanksgiving. “I made the plans a few days ago and then all of the sudden I see the storm coming and its like ‘Oh my goodness,’ because it was either I leave Tuesday or Wednesday,” she said.

If you have plans to pick up your family or friends from Bradley Wednesday night, make sure to check with the airline first and give yourself enough time to get here.

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