20th year of Bright Nights begins

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Bright nights at Forest opened Wednesday night for its 20th year.

More than 650,000 energy- efficient lights will illuminate the displays along the three-mile path through Forest park from now through January 4th.

Wednesday’s snow was a welcome addition to the start of the 20th season, adding to the mood. For many families, including Joshua Niven of Wendell, Bright Nights has become a family tradition.

“We like looking at Dr. Seussland and seeing all the lights inside. It’s also pretty cool to see all the different decorations because some of them are pretty elaborate, and they get pretty fancy with them,” he said.

Wednesday night was “roll back” night. It only cost $6.00 per car to drive through, which is the same price of admission when Bright Nights first opened in 1995.

December 3rd is ’Military Night,’ when members of the military and their spouses ride the new carousel for free.

For more information on Bright Nights events, click here.

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