Train derailment in Deerfield

DEERFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A train traveling at a very low speed derailed in Deerfield.

Deerfield police Sgt. Harry Ruddock told 22News two cars and a locomotive came off the rail tracks at the East Deerfield Train Yard on Railroad Avenue but didn’t flip over. A locomotive is basically an engine that moves the train’s cars along its tracks. The rail yard is owned by Pan Am Railroad.

The East Deerfield Train Yard doesn’t carry any passenger trains so it’s important to know nobody was injured when the train fell off its tracks around 1:30 Sunday afternoon.

The Fire Department was called to the rail yard and told Deerfield police that crews were moving the cars back onto the tracks earlier in the afternoon. Deerfield police told us they’re not sure what the train was carrying when it derailed but it didn’t pose any danger to residents nearby.

Thomas Ducharme of Turners Falls spent the day in the area and described what he saw, “There was a piece of heavy equipment that was moving on the tracks down there. It looked like it was going to pick up a railroad car. I imagine that something that happened here is probably a minor derailment.”

The trains were estimated to only be traveling about a couple miles per hour when they derailed.

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