More than 1,000 state employees earn more than governor

1,250 state employees earn more than the governor

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DEERFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – At a time when hundreds of thousands of Western Massachusetts WEMCO customers will soon start paying a 30 percent rate hike, comes the revelation that more than 1,250 state employees earn more than the governor, and he earns $151,800 a year.

The disclosure of the large number of highly paid state employees slipped out during debate about pay raises for the governor, attorney general, treasurer and legislative leaders.  Who are these state employees who take home more money than the governor?

All this week the 22News I-team will list each of those employees and what they do to live as comfortably as they do. 22News spoke with people also anxious for those answers.

“Definitely not a fair or equitable structure for pay for state employees by any means,” said Andrew Vernon of Greenfield.

“It certainly is curious, I think we need to find out who these people are and what they’re doing. It may not be as outrageous as it originally seems, so when we get some of the backstory, I think it will help us understand,” Joyce Szewcyznski of Southhampton said.

Be watching, as 22News all this week discloses the names of the 1250 Massachusetts state employees who earn more than the Governor, and what they do to justify their salaries.

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