Greenfield WMECo customers have another option for energy

Greenfield Mayor William Martin released a notice with information about an electric alternative

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Some people in Greenfield who use the Western Massachusetts Electric Company will have to pay 30% more on their monthly electric bill starting January 1st.

“It’s going to be tough,” says Jenine Cafarella of Greenfield. “There’s not a lot that I can cut back on at this point.”

But there may be a solution. Greenfield Community Light and Power is offering WMECo customers “100% green electricity”, which is cheaper than WMECo’s rates for 2015. Greenfield Mayor William Martin released a notice on Friday with this information. The mayor’s notice did not say where this “green electricity” would be coming from or how it would be created, whether it’s hydro power, or solar panels around the community generating this more eco-friendly electricity.

Greenfield WMECo customers would save about $6 a month with green electricity, and small businesses would save about $12 each month.

Some residents told 22News they’d consider switching to “green electricity”.

Ashley Mark from Greenfield told 22News, “I guess I’d have to do a little more research on where that’s coming from and what the process is to get the green energy set up in your house. Six dollars a month might not be much of anything.”

Others say they’re staying loyal to WMECo.

“They always have tried their best to do what they can also,” says Patricia Delaney of Greenfield. “I don’t think it’s all in their hands.”

On January 1st, all WMECo customers in Greenfield will start getting their electricity from from ConEdison Solutions. ConEdison Solutions signed a one-year contract with the town to deliver electricity to all WMECO basic service customers. The town’s website will have more information about green electricity starting Monday, November 24th.

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