Greenfield offers green electricity in January

The green electricity will be offered to residential and commercial utility consumers

Greenfield, Mass (WWLP) — Holyoke, Westfield, Chicopee, and Greenfield will not be affected by the Western Massachusetts Electric Company’s rate hike.

Greenfield Community Light and Power is offering 100% green electricity, which will be cheaper than WMECo’s 2015 electric rates. The mayor’s notice did not say where this green electricity would be coming from, whether it’s hydraulics, or solar panels around the community. The green electricity will be offered to residential and commercial utility consumers starting on January 1st to help residents and businesses save on electricity bills. The Greenfield Community Light and Power program will be available for all metered WMECo electricity customers within Greenfield that are currently taking power supply from WMECo.

All residential and commercial electricity customers who currently receive their electricity from WMECo will automatically begin receiving their electricity from ConEdison starting with their January meter read dates.

Ashley Mark of Greenfield told 22News they’d consider switching to green electricity, “I guess I’d have to do a little more research on where that’s coming from and what the process is to get the green energy set up in your house. Six dollars a month might not be much of anything.”

Others say they’re staying loyal to WMECo.

“They always have tried their best to do what they can also. I don’t think it’s all in their hands,” said Patricia Delaney of Greenfield.

The amount of money you save will be on the bills after the first meter read date, and rates will not change during the 1-year contract. You would save about $6 a month with green electricity, and small businesses would save about $12 each month. Large commercial customers will save about 3,000 dollars a month.

Participants have the chance to opt out of this green energy at any time.

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