Walk-in centers answer questions about Health Connector

Local centers located in Florence, Springfield, Worthington, and North Adams

FLORENCE, Mass. (WWLP) – There are people who may have a difficult time signing up for the Massachusetts Health Connector, because they don’t have computers. But there are places people can go if they are in this situation.

There are walk-in centers across the state, such as the one at Casa Latina in Florence, where navigators and certified application councilors are there to help you understand the new coverage options available. They will also assist with the application and enrollment process.

The Massachusetts Health Connector helps people who don’t have insurance from their employer, are self-employed, or unemployed.

Diana Soler, a navigator at Casa Latina, told 22News that most people are pleasantly surprised.

“People who come out of the office, most of them come out happy with their results. They didn’t know they could qualify for Mass Health or they didn’t know what to answer for this question, so, having us there to guide them, they feel pretty thankful with us,” Soler said.

Even after national healthcare reform, Massachusetts continues to have the highest rate of health insurance coverage in the United States.

A quarter of a million people use the Massachusetts Health Connector. Click here for a complete listing of walk-in centers across the state.

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