More customers growing dissatisfied with banks

22News explored which banking alternative customers are choosing

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CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – “It’s got very good hours which is convenient for me but they have been throwing in different fees lately that I didn’t realize,” said David Brunelle from South Hadley.

More and more Americans are becoming increasingly frustrated with their banks — specifically the fees that are tacked on to features that used to be free. One South Hadley banking customer told 22News, he’s been with one major bank for about fifteen years. He’s always enjoyed its multiple branches and long hours, but there are some recent changes he’s less than thrilled about.

“They charge you if you get paper statements instead of going online only. I didn’t realize that until I saw it on my statement. I never got a notice about that that I know of,” Brunelle added.

But it’s somewhat of a different story when it comes to credit unions. They have the highest customer satisfaction rate of all financial services, often because of a more personal experience for customers, and lower fees and interest rates.

“I’ve got a briefcase, folders. I stay old school. I do everything face to face. I don’t do anything online. There are a lot of horror stories out there. Lot of schemes. I get a printout every six weeks of my investments,” said Kenneth Gore from Hatfield.

The American Customer Satisfaction Index also found Americans are fed up with their health insurance plans; the most dissatisfied being those with employer provided group plans.

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