Longmeadow Shops expansion failed to pass by close margin

18 items were on Tuesday nights agenda

LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WWLP) – Longmeadow residents held a special town meeting Tuesday night to vote on how tax money will be spent, and made, in town.

One of the eighteen items on the agenda was the future of the Longmeadow Shops. 280 people voted for the expansion, and 142 people voted against it; however, in order for it to be approved it needed two thirds of the votes, which it didn’t get. Losing by a fraction.

The motion to recount the votes was discussed and failed by 240 – 144 votes.

The proposed plan for the Shops was to move the CVS in the plaza to a 1.82 acre piece of land next to the property, which is already owned by the Shops. Then new shops could move into the plaza, which would pay taxes to the town. However, the 1.83 acre land next to the Shops is zoned as residential land.

Also on the agenda Tuesday is whether to allow tax money to be spent on a new $752,000 fire truck. Quint Fire Trucks have aerial firefighting apparatus and ladder capabilities.

John Bowen lives in a senior retirement complex and told 22News he voted yes on the proposal. “Our complex is three stories high, and we want people to be rescued. I have 115 seniors that are very anxious that this pass,” he said.

The Vice President of Longmeadow Firefighters Local 1903 said the Town of Longmeadow already has put money away for a new fire truck. “The town over the years has been putting money away to replace a fire traffic, so they have $350 thousand dollars put away there,” he said.

Fire Chief Eric Madeson told 22News regardless, the town has to spend at least, $500,000 to replace an old fire truck. The fire department already has $90,000 in pledged donations from organizations and individuals, and say the rest of that money would come from Longmeadow’s certified free cash fund.

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