ISIS response

ISIS Response
As the Kassig family mourns the death of their son by ISIS militants, lawmakers try to determine if the strategy to fight ISIS is working.

(NBC News) – In Washington, congress is weighing whether the U.S. strategy against the Islamic State is working after the death of another American.

There was supposed to be a Senate hearing today on dealing with ISIS in Syria. It’s been postponed, as an Indiana couple mourns the death of their son. “Our beloved son, Abdul Rahman, no longer walks this earth. Our hearts so heavy, are held up by the love and support that has poured into our lives,” said the Father of Hostage, Ed Kassig.

Today, Federal authorities are hunting for clues in the latest ISIS video, declaring the violent death of 26-year-old American Peter Kassig.

They’re looking at the background – trees and terrain – to pinpoint where these killers may be.

French authorities have identified this man is one of their own; they’re looking at a second.

Two more may be British.

Lawmakers got a closed-door briefing last night. Some emerged skeptical that our air campaign against ISIS is working. “I think they’re adding to the ranks faster than we we’re able to uh uh kill em,” said Rep. Buck McKeon, (R) California.

There’s at least one U.S. hostage left: a 26-year old aid worker ISIS kidnapped last year. Authorities and the family are protecting her identity for her own safety.

The Obama Administration still insists paying ransom for American hostages is not the solution. “We are not intimidated. You are not intimidated. Our friends and partners are not intimidated. ISIL is very, very wrong,” said Secretary of State John Kerry.

Part of the problem is videos that ISIS is producing. “Very slick propaganda. They broadcast their hate in 23 different languages. They’re very active on social media,” said FBI Director James Comey.

Recruiting and inspiring young followers all over the world.


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