Classroom espionage?

Brigham Young University lecture hall
Professors find voice-activated recording device hidden in Brigham Young University lecture hall.

PROVO, Utah (KSL) Police at Brigham Young University are investigating whether any laws were broken after professors discovered a voice-activated recording device stuck under a chair in a lecture hall on campus.

Two professors were working on a PowerPoint presentation in the Joseph Smith Building two weeks ago when they discovered a digital recorder stuck to the bottom of a stool with Velcro, police said. After attempting to play back the recordings, they grew concerned and began searching other classrooms in the building.

Upon discovering similar Velcro setups under chairs in other classrooms, the professors called police. The investigation, however, has had its challenges.

“We really can’t imagine why they would be doing it to begin with,” said BYU Police Lt. Arnold Lemmon. “In a classroom setting, why they were doing it is a mystery to us.”

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