Chicopee firing range being checked for explosives

Nearby residents will be notified if something is found

Road closure signs have been put up on Eton Street and other surrounding streets in the neighborhood.

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – A former military firing range in Chicopee is being searched for possible explosives. Chicopee Deputy Fire Chief Dean Desmarais told 22News that contractors working for a government agency has been checking the former firing range near Eton Street for possible munitions.

Desmarais said that it is his understanding that they are looking for hand grenades or mortar-type munitions. If the workers find items that they believe to be munitions, they will notify police and firefighters and tell nearby residents to evacuate, after which time a charge will be placed on the suspected munitions and they will be disposed of.

He said that this work has been ongoing since last week, and crews have been conducting this work on weekdays and during the day.

Road closure signs have been put up on Eton Street, Social Street, and other nearby side streets.

The area is located off East Main Street (Route 141), not far from the Chicopee-Springfield line.

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