American woman suspected of aiding ISIS

Heather Coffman is accused of attempting to provide material support to ISIS

(CNN) – A Virginia woman is in federal custody accused of plotting to help ISIS – the terrorist group responsible for atrocities in Iraq and Syria.  The FBI says the woman conspired and attempted to provide material support to the terrorist group. Cameras were rolling as the suspect was lead away by police.

“They had spotlights down there and it just looked like a big commotion. We couldn’t tell what was happening and then we noticed FBI on their shirts.

This exclusive video shows the FBI raiding this western Henrico home last week in the 4300 block of Penick Road. Through court documents filed Monday, we now know why.

“I’m astonished by this; I can’t believe something like this happened in my own backyard. I mean you see this stuff on CSI.”

Heather Coffman is behind bars at Pamunkey Regional Jail. She’s accused of conspiring and attempting to provide material support for ISIS. The feds allege that on June 23 Coffman on Facebook listed her work and education as al-Jihadifi Sabil Allah which translates to “Jihad for Allah’s Sake”.

The feds also claim Coffman posted two pictures that same day, one saying “We are all ISIS”, the other, a group of men with the virtues of Mujahideen written on it.

“I mean it’s horrifying what they’re doing. I can’t comprehend someone sympathizing with what they do because it’s sickening.”

It’s alleged that on several occasions Coffman reached out and met with someone who she thought was like-minded and shared her views. According to court documents, it was an undercover federal agent she was spilling her plans to about taking steps to travel to Syria to join and fight for ISIS.

“You listen to the news and it’s scary to hear what they’re doing to Christians, and now hearing this was two doors down, it’s crazy; it’s upsetting.”

The exact charge Coffman faces is “making a materially false statement or representation regarding an offense involving international or domestic terrorism.”

Calls, e-mails and text messages to her attorney went unreturned.

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