Wholesale turkey prices up: what it means for your Thanksgiving

Stores absorbing the costs while hoping you buy other Thanksgiving essentials

AGAWAM, Mass. (WWLP) – Turkey production is at its lowest level in close to three decades, causing wholesale prices that retailers are paying to rise to just about their highest level ever.

Higher feed and transportation prices have cut into farmers’ bottom line, forcing them to scale-back production.  22News wanted to find out how that might impact what you pay for your Thanksgiving bird.

Though it is costing the stores more to buy turkeys, you actually shouldn’t notice a difference. Supermarkets offer competitive turkey prices to lure customers in, and hope they’ll buy the rest of their meal ingredients there as well.

“Certainly I look for sales. If they’re on sale in the store I’m, in that’s where I go. But because of convenience and time you’re going to grab what you need and leave it to one store usually,” Michelle Salva of Agawam said. “It’s a special occasion and worth the time and money.”

Believe it or not, frozen turkeys are actually fresher than so-called “fresh” turkeys sold at supermarkets, because they’re frozen immediately after being butchered.

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