Springfield Mayor wants $5M to demolish and improve

The City Council is going to wait for additional information

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The Springfield City Council met Monday night at Springfield City Hall. One of the items on the agenda was Mayor Domenic Sarno’s request for $5 million.

The money would be used to demolish condemned or blighted properties, and to improve roads and sidewalks. There have been ongoing efforts to clean up the city. A building at 17 Adams Street has been torn down and there are plans to demolish another building at the intersection of Main and Adams Streets.

22News spoke with City Councilor Tim Rooke to find out where the $5 million is coming from. He said this does not involve any tax increases. “We would go to Wall Street and sell our municipal bonds at a favorable rating which a lot of investors like to have and then from the sale of those bonds we would be able to fund projects like this and many more.”

Later Monday night, during the meeting, the City Council decided to wait until they receive a complete list of street names and addresses before authorizing a fund transfer of $5 million.

City Councilors told 22News it’s a great proposal that will improve the quality of life in Springfield, but they want to know exactly which streets will be fixed and which properties will be demolished.

“They want their neighborhoods safe which means they want blighted properties removed. They want their streets plowed, and they want those streets to be safe, paved and get rid of all the potholes,” said Rooke.

The fund transfer will remain on hold until the Council receives additional information.

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