Pet Corner: Susie

Name: Susie
Breed: Purebred Pekingese
Age: 4 years old
Sex: Female
Color: White coat
Date of arrival at Dakin: 11/14/14


Susie was brought to Dakin because of allergies in her family. She is 4 years old and is very kind and gentle. She may be a bit shy at first, but she is ready to bond with a new family and can’t wait for a new home.

Susie is an ideal first dog for someone unfamiliar with dogs because she’s easygoing. If there are kids in the family, it’s best that they be at least 7 years old, but if they’re younger, just bring them in to meet her first.

Her energy level is moderate, and if there’s another dog in the home, Susie will handle it! She doesn’t have a history with cats, so they will be unfamiliar to her.

Events/Other Topics:

Pet First Aid & CPR – On Sunday, December 7 from 10am – 4pm, Dakin will offer a Pet First Aid & CPR workshop at its Springfield location. Learn how you can save your pet’s life with proven first aid techniques. Learn how to respond if your pet is bleeding, choking, suffering from heat stroke, in shock or breaks a bone.

The workshop will be taught by a certified American Red Cross and Pet Tech, Pet First Aid and CPR instructor. Please bring a lunch and a beverage. The workshop costs $75 and you can enroll by visiting

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