Marketing your home-based business

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – Marketing your home-based business doesn’t need to involve spending big money on advertising. Business Coach and Consultant Mychal Connolly shared a few inexpensive ways to promote your business.

Marketing Your Home-Based Business (Ex. Bakery)

What Is Marketing?
Marketing is a machine. Marketing is fun. Marketing is the heartbeat of businesses. Marketing is the wide range of activities. Marketing is a puzzle. Marketing is predictable. Marketing is a movement.

Too many people think marketing equates to only two things: 

Selling: with all that entails such as the dreaded salesman yelling and spamming… BUY MY STUFF, BUY MY STUFF.
Advertising: with all that goes with that such as the slick creative and smarmy ad campaign luring customers in. People hate ads but they love buying stuff.

Of course marketing also includes these two functions, but not in the stereotypical ways that are in so many minds. Marketing is about so much more than just selling or advertising. It’s a system that is involved in making sure that you’re continuing to meet the needs of your customers, and future customers. It’s about you, the business owner adding value to customers and becoming valuable in your customers eyes. Then you, the entrepreneur, getting value in return.

Marketing includes:
Finding out what groups of potential customers or markets exist
What groups of customers you prefer to serve… your target market
What their wants, needs and problems are, what products or services you might develop to meet their needs and wants and solve their problems
How and what customers would choose to use your products and services
Who your competitors are. What they are doing and how you can do it better
What pricing structure, model and approach you should use
How each of the target markets want to access the product, service etc.
How much customers / clients might be willing to pay and how.
How to design and describe the product such that customers/clients will buy from you, rather than from your competitors
Your (UVP) unique value proposition
How the company or products should be identified and personality
To be most identifiable i.e. naming and branding (company and personal branding)
Ongoing interaction with customer and potential customers, which can include advertising, public relations, social media, sales and customer service, etc.

These can be categorized in these four categories:

1. The Who
Who is the market or markets you are going after?
Age, gender, income level, b2b, b2c, etc.

2. The How
How you brand, logo, colors, name of company, etc.

3. The What
What will your message to your market be? Tag line, advertisement, print ad, social media

4. The Why
Why would people buy what you’re selling or buy into what you’re offering. Visiting your market if you’re a bakery. Study the current purchasing habits and behavior of the market and ask why are they buying now and how you can make the experience more enjoyable.

At the end of the day marketing is really about not losing sight of the basics while walking your customer through the process of being a lead to becoming a buyer.

You have to be focused on what customers require as the outcome and then find out how to get there by meeting and exceeding customers needs over a period of time, in a socially responsible way, while making a reasonable profit.

Marketing is really a philosophy, idea or belief that has to be passed from a business to it’s target customers. It’s about getting people to have their hearts tell their minds to take action. Action such as go in their wallets and buy products and services, sign up for things, show up at event, or even rub their bellies or take them for a walk (animals are marketers too), etc.

Marketing introduces customers to things they would buy and do if they knew they existed, or if the knew they could do them! If you get that you get marketing.

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