I-Team Dangers of concussions in high school sports

What parents of athletes should know about this traumatic brain injury.

High-Tech Helmets

CHICOPEE,Mass.(WWLP) – Concussions have gained national attention as more professional athletes come forward to reveal the devastating affects on their lives.

But there’s growing concern over the problem of concussion injuries in high school sports.

In a two part special investigative report, the 22News I-Team reveals new information on how many head injuries western Massachusetts high schools are reporting and what’s being done to help prevent this traumatic brain injury.

On Wednesday, November 19 on 22News at 6pm, see the story on concussions in high school sports and discover just what they are and why they are so dangerous.

Later on 22News at 11pm, we’ll reveal how football helmets of western Massachusetts high school football teams are rated. Do they pass the test? The 22News I-Team explores how they’re tested and what questions parents should be asking about concussion safety before their child plays a sport.

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