Vegan mom regains custody

vegan mom
Mother accused of neglect after dispute with doctor over vegan formula and child care has been reunited with her son.

CASSELBERRY, Fla. (WESH) A Florida mother wrapped up in a controversy over medical treatment for her child has regained custody of her baby.

Casselberry police got a locksmith and opened Sarah Markham’s door in June after they said the mother refused to answer it. Investigators said she refused to take what doctors called her “dehydrated” newborn to the hospital. Baby Caleb was 12 days old at the time.

According the arrest report, Markham wanted a second opinion and did not believe her son was dehydrated.

As a vegan and Seventh-day Adventist Markham asked the doctor if he had a “vegan” alternative. The child’s pediatrician called the Florida abuse hotline.

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