Teacher saves student’s life

(WFLA) A routine lesson turned into a life-saving event for one teacher-student relationship in Pinellas Park, Florida.

Michelle Digman, a 5th grade teacher at Pinellas Park Elementary, was showing her students how to check their pulse, when one student encountered some trouble.

10-year-old Tashawn Roberts couldn’t locate his pulse, and when his teacher tried to assist him, they discovered something irregular.

“Tashawn comes up and says ‘Ms. Digman I can’t find my pulse.’ And I said let’s see if I can help you find it, and he said ‘I feel something else.'” relayed Digman.

After Digman directed Tashawn to alert his parents, he was rushed to a local hospital where he underwent surgery.

The “something else” that they found was a lump, which turned out to be a massive internal aneurysm.

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