Surgery app comforts parents

surgery app
New technology keeps parents up to date when their children undergo surgery.

(NBC News) Doctors and nurses will tell you they always see a look of fear in parents’ eyes as their children are whisked away into operating rooms.

Now doctors at one Florida hospital are doing something about that by harnessing smartphone technology.

Surgeons at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children in Orlando are using a secure app to send photos and text updates to parents during their children’s operation.

The texts are sent through a secure site that doctors say is compliant with HIPAA regulations. The photos self-destruct in less than a minute, although parents can take screen shots and save them for personal use.

“It’s really made a huge difference in the way we communicate during the surgery, which is a very stressful time for the relatives of people undergoing surgical procedures,” says Dr. Jonathan Phillips.

The app is called “EASE”, which stands for Electronic Access to Surgical Events. It’s free for parents.

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