Students come together for drug awareness

People found unexpected benefits to attending

SOUTH HADLEY, Mass. (WWLP) – High school students from across western Massachusetts were in South Hadley Thursday night to learn ways to recognize and stop drug abuse.

Students met with parents, police officers and city officials at Mount Holyoke College. Students discussed ways to recognize the signs someone might be abusing drugs, and how to approach them. People found unexpected benefits to attending this seminar.

Taylor Guertin from South Hadley High School told 22News, “I just feel that it’s really important, and I know that it helps out our community. So, definitely, it’s a good feeling being part of something that makes a difference.”

Karen Walsh Pio of the South Hadley Drug & Alcohol Prevention Coalition said, “Older folks remember what things might have been like when we were young. Maybe it’s not like that anymore. So the young people give us information about what it is like.”

The idea is to expand the discussion on drug and alcohol abuse, and reshape current laws.

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