Marysville: Calm during the melee

Marysville: Calm During The Melee
Newly released 911 call gives unique look at the Marysville school shooting as it was happening.

(KING) In the minutes after the shooting at Washington’s Marysville-Pilchuck High School, a woman who does not have a connection to the campus suddenly found herself in a position to help.

She does not want her name published because she doesn’t want attention, but she did share her story.

On the morning of October 24, it took the woman a minute to realize what was happening. The MPHS neighbor noticed a female student in her yard. The student told her someone was shooting at the high school. At first the woman did not believe it, but within seconds there were other students in front of her house.

“They crawled over the back fence to get away from the shooter. They were stunned and did not know where to go,” she said.

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