Many mistrust the security on social media websites

Some social media sites let you opt out of targeted advertising

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – A new PEW research poll found that 81% of people don’t feel secure sharing personal information with a social media site.

Many social media websites use your movements on the internet, location, likes and hobbies to target ads to your social media feed. Some social media sites let you opt out of targeted advertising, but there’s steps you have to take and lots fine print to read.

Less than 25% of people surveyed think it’s easy to be anonymous online and while the fear may not be enough for people to stop using social media, it’s clear there’s mistrust.

The owner of YES Computers in Northampton has some tips to take control of your privacy. President Mark Wineburg, said, “All these companies provide privacy settings and they can be set to different levels. If you want more privacy just go to the settings and ratchet it down and you’ll be a lot less public, but I know people like the sites.”

Two thirds of the people surveyed said they think the government should do more to regulate how corporations collect and share information.

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