Drivers may spend less on gas, more on repairs

With more money saved, drivers may do more needed maintenance

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Lower gas prices could result in safer cars on Western Massachusetts roads.

Since prices went down well below $3.00 per gallon, drivers accustomed to spending $60.00 per week to fill their tanks, now save about $20.00 per visit to the pump. Steve Roberts, President of Springfield-based FL Roberts, predicts that gas prices will stay below $3.00 for at least four or five months.

Mechanic Ed Hemple of Felix’s Auto Repair on Sumner Avenue in Springfield expects to see more drivers using that savings to making their cars safer.

“A lot of safety issues or state inspection issues; things that they have to fix on the cars to get a sticker; there are a lot of cars that don’t have current stickers because people can’t afford, they just don’t have it,” Hemple said.

Gary Leyden of Welker Tire and Alignment on Allen Street agrees that people may be more apt to make necessary purchases.

“Maybe tires, they’ve been waiting on to buy things with the little extra cash because of the low price of gas,” Leyden said.

One driver told 22News that he intends to use the money from lower gas prices on the $800.00 in repairs that he has been putting-off for months.

At the moment, Marie Lussier of East Longmeadow doesn’t have any car concerns, but she does have plans for the money she saved thanks to lower gas prices.

“I think we might do a little extra traveling, and definitely some Christmas shopping and helping the kids out in college,” Lussier said.

22News has found that many drivers plan to divert some of their gas savings into their holiday shopping budgets. For them, the lower gas prices couldn’t have come at a better time.

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