Avoiding the dangers of wrong-way drivers

Two wrong-way incidents occurred in Springfield this week

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – There have been two instances of wrong way drivers in Springfield this week. Being armed with the right information could save your life if you encounter a wrong way driver.

State Police spokesman Lt. Dan Richard told 22News a couple different scenarios can lead to wrong way drivers. The first scenario is a wrong-way driver from out of the area gets disoriented, and doesn’t realize there’s anything wrong until they see traffic coming at them. More commonly, it happens at night, often due to alcohol or a medical issue.

On Tuesday, police charged a wrong-way driver with operating under the influence after he crashed into three cars on I-291. No one was hurt except him. Then Wednesday morning, an elderly woman was caught on the wrong side of 291, before she collided with anyone.

It can be very jarring for drivers going the right way.

Kenya Adorno of Springfield told 22News, “We start blowing our horns and we stop our cars, and then they look like, ‘Oh, what have I done’ and then they keep driving, and just go around us until they get to another side street.”

Lt. Richard urges drivers to take evasive action if you see a car coming the wrong way. He said you are also less likely to get into a head on collision if you drive in the right lane late at night.

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