WMass residents are looking forward to a marijuana dispensary

The dispensary plans to serve about 650 patients

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GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – As the proposed medical marijuana dispensary moves forward, many residents in Greenfield told 22News they’re looking forward to it. “I’m fine with it as long as everybody’s following the rules.”

Two years after Massachusetts legalized medical marijuana, Franklin County is one step closer to having a dispensary in Greenfield. On Friday, the Department of Public Health said that Patriot Care Corporation can move on to the inspection phase where officials will conduct a thorough investigation of the company.

“I always say, if you make it legal and it helps, do so.” Roberto Rios supports the move and feels that western Massachusetts is in need of a dispensary.

If all goes as planned and the medical marijuana dispensary is a loud to set up here in Greenfield, the company has agreed to buy this building right in back of me from the American Legion for $220-thousand.

Aisha Gabriel said she’s okay with having a dispensary close to home. “I believe that it actually serves the community. There are so many people that are just hurting and waiting for this to happen.”

While there are a number of people who support the proposed dispensary in Greenfield, some people are concerned about the impact that access to medical marijuana could have in the community.

If it opens, the Greenfield dispensary plans to serve about 650 patients, and charge $374 per ounce.

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