We all want it, but most aren’t getting enough…

22News is working for you with ways to get more zzz's

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WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Despite the free, feel-good benefits of a full night’s sleep… it’s something many of us go without on a regular basis.

“It’s become part of life. Not something I would say is ideal. I deal with it. Get what I can get and keep moving,” said Armando Ruiz from Springfield.

Whether it’s kids, money stress, workload or deadlines keeping you up, it can trigger an endless sleepy cycle.

“I could stay up another couple hours and get work done but over the period of a week that sleep deprivation reduces the total amount of work you can get done,” said Stephen Devoto in West Springfield.

Not only can it impact how you perform at work, and how you interact with family and friends.. it can impact your health long term, making you more at risk for cardiac issues, stroke, or even diabetes.

If you’re in bed at a decent hour but struggle falling and staying asleep, consider cutting down on your caffeine. According to the National Sleep Foundation, caffeine takes about fifteen minutes to have a stimulating effect on your body… But it takes about six hours for half of that caffeine to be eliminated.

“I don’t drink coffee after noon. I try to read a book as I’m falling asleep. Sometimes it only takes two minutes,” Devoto added.

22News is working for you with other ways to spend more quality time with your pillow:

  • Try to head to bed at the same time every night so your body stays on schedule.
  • Exercise during the day, unless it’s at the expense of sleep.
  • As hard as it is, unplug. Put your devices and phones away.
  • And avoid long naps that are more likely to leave you feeling groggy than recharged.

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