Laundry detergent pods can put children at risk

A new study shows how many kids get injured by opening poisonous laundry detergent pods

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – If your children get a hold of these detergent pods, they could go to the hospital. The Journal Pediatrics published a two year study on the serious poisoning risks of laundry detergent pods.

“The big concern is that they’re so attractive, the children tend to bite on them and they explode when they bite on them,” says Barry Hirsch of Baystate Medical Center Pediatric Gastroenterology. “So this explosion sends it into the airway, as well as into their eyes and their face.”

Children could temporarily burn their eyes and skin, and permanently damage their esophagus. In the study, more than 17,000 children younger than six years-old got a hold of these pods and opened them. Out of those children, about 800 of them were hospitalized after ingesting a detergent pod, even though on the back of it it says, “Keep out of reach of children.”

Tracy Shaffer of Granby told 22News her family uses the pods regularly and they’ve never had a problem with any of their seven children. “If you’re going to leave out those pods where the kids can get at them, then that’s whats wrong,” says Shaffer. “It’s not the pods themselves, it’s the actual, not putting them away where they belong.”

One mother says the pods should be taken off store shelves, or companies should change the packaging. Annette Gray of Chicopee told 22News, “They know the children are getting a hold of them, it’s not always the parent’s fault. I think they companies should start saying, ‘Hey wait a minute, we’re going to lose customers, we’re going to lose money.'”

Experts say children find these pods when you toss them into the laundry basket. Detergent pods should always be in a sealed container, and out of your child’s reach. Also, if your children open one of these pods, wash their face with water, and send them to the hospital.

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