MassDOT replaces I-91 lights for better visibility

New LED lights will replace existing lights on I-91

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The Massachusetts Department of Transportation is replacing the highway lights on I-91 between 291 and 391.

22News spoke with Mike Verseckes of the MassDOT. The current lights on the highway are high performance sodium lights that last about 3 years and cost about $300 each. The sodium lights give off a pink tint of light.

These lights will be replaced with LED bulbs. Each bulb costs $575 and lasts about five times longer than the high performance sodium lights. The light from LED bulbs improves visibility for drivers because it gives more of a “white” light. When passing between lights, there will be more light overlapping between the two points.

The decision to change these lights came from Mass DOT field engineers and electricians who say LED lights have better durability and require less maintenance.

Installation is ongoing until early 2015.

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