Many Americans are bracing for an early taste of winter

Another arctic blast expected next week

(KARE) – Flight cancellations, slippery roads, and snow-covered landscapes; senes that usually play out in December and January are happening throughout several northern states.

Meteorologists are tracking the next wave of winter weather. It’s dipping out of Canada and expected to dump an early load of snow across much of the Midwest by Tuesday.

According to Meteorologist Indra Peterson, “It’s now going to be diving down to the south already, down to the south and then to the east so if that cold air isn’t by you yet, don’t worry, its coming.”

Even people in part of the Lonestar-state could feel the impact. While most of the snow is expected to cover northern states, the cold snap could bring unseasonably low temperatures for an estimated 200-million people.

Meteorologist Chad Myers reports, “The highs in Montana and North Dakota will not get above zero later this week. Zero, that’ll be the high of the day.”

There will be a few lucky parts of the country. Forecasters predict places like Milwaukee and Chicago will see more rain than snow. Temperatures there should also be relatively mild.

The remnants of a pacific cyclone could be to blame for the bizarre weather. The storm rammed into the jet stream, causing it to whip south, dragging cold air down with it. With another arctic blast expected next week, folks across North America are bracing for an early taste of winter.

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