How to keep your email safe from hackers

Strong passwords and extra security steps can help protect your information

hackers email

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – A Google study revealed that you’re 36 times more likely to be targeted by thieves if your contacts’ accounts have been hacked.

When thieves steal your email passwords, they look for information that can lead them to your bank account information, and it takes them only 3 minutes to find what they want. The first line of defense is strong passwords.

“Most importantly I tend to not only have one password,” said Dylan Larrow of Ludlow. “I have multiple passwords for different accounts. Keep first and last name out of it as well, and your birthday.”

Google has methods to block hackers and offers emergency options to get your inbox back, but here are some safety tips, so you don’t ever have to use those options.

  • Search your own inbox for phrases like “bank” and “account statement”. Erase any email with this sensitive data.
  • Never send your username or password via email.
  • Activate a two-step verification feature that requires a second passcode if you try to log on using a new device.

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