Apple creates tool for users switching phones

(WTNH)– Apple has released a new tool that makes it easier to switch from an iPhone to a different kind of smartphone and still receive your text messages.

According the The Verge, the new tool allows you to instantly deregister your phone number from Apple’s iMessage system after many users who switched phones complained they weren’t receiving text messages on their new phone.

The problem would happen if iPhone users didn’t know to disable the iMessage system before transferring to their new smartphone. SMS messages sent to them by other people still using iPhones would continue to be sent as iMessages, making their texts just disappear because those iMessages aren’t able to be sent or read on any other phone besides the iPhone. Most users would then have to deregister their entire device from their Apple accounts.

This problem bothered people so much that some even filed a class action lawsuit against Apple about the matter.

The new tool was quietly released and first spotted by a poster on Reddit. But it is quite simple to use in that you just enter your phone number into the web browser and then Apple will text you a confirmation code.

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