Slower leaf-drop may cause problems for you later

Colder weather this coming week will probably quicken the leaf drop.

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Normally by this late into fall there aren’t many leaves on the trees, but as you may have seen there are still some trees with bright colored leaves still on the branches.

The weather is the reason why the leaves are falling about three weeks later than normal. Nighttime temperatures in October were warmer than normal and we haven’t had many really cold nights so far. Cold temperatures are the main trigger for leaf change and drop.

While some trees don’t have any leaves on them, others have plenty, and it’s all to do with the variety of the tree or how much that tree has been exposed to the wind.

Richard Donovan was hard at work raking all the leaves off his lawn in Springfield on Sunday. Normally he gets all the leaves at once, but with leaves still left on the trees down his street, he’ll have to rake a second time in a few weeks.

“There’s a lot of leaves left on the trees, but I figure I’ve got to get some of it done before the snow comes…It is too late if you wait so you’ve got to get what you can clean now before the weather changes,” said Donovan from Springfield.

If wintry weather arrives before you’ve had a chance to rake, you could be in for some unfortunate consequences, according to Nalini Benoit from 16 Acres Garden Center.

“If the leaves are still there and we have snowfall and you never get to moving the leaves until next year, there will be the chance of mold. Wet, soggy leaves will eventually create mold and then you might lose part of your lawn because it’s suffocated,” said Benoit.

Even though it might mean you have to rake more frequently than you’d like, you’re better off raking what’s on the ground when you can.

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