What not to bring to the airport

Keep TSA guidelines in mind before you fly

TSA Holiday Travel Tips

WINDSOR LOCKS, Conn. (WWLP)- The Transportation Security Administration is giving tips to travelers to keep their trip going smoothly this upcoming holiday season.

The TSA screens nearly 1.8 million people a day at more than 450 airports nationwide, and those numbers increase during holiday travel.

On Thursday the TSA at Bradley International Airport displayed hundreds of items that have been found at checkpoints or turned over by passengers. Those items included an assortment of knives, pipes, brass knuckles, construction tools, and toy guns.

With Thanksgiving two and a half weeks away the TSA is trying to help passengers understand the screening process to improve their travel experience.

TSA spokesperson Michael McCarthy offered this advice for travelers.

“Check your pockets, check your bag, make sure you’re not carrying a prohibited item with you before you arrive at the checkpoint- because you know once we discover that item in your bag, we’re going to have to pull that bag, search through it and grab that item, and that’s going to slow you down. And we know your ultimate goal and our ultimate goal is to get you through the checkpoint as quickly as possible and onto your gate,” McCarthy said.

The TSA wants passengers to know what items are not allowed in carry on or checked baggage. Search most items at TSA.gov.

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