Police are posting prostitution charges on Facebook

Booking photos of charged prostitutes and their johns posted to Flint PD page

(CNN) – A new way to tackle prostitution is by using social media. Police in Flint, Michigan are using Facebook; anyone who is arrested has their picture posted.

“You come out here any given time and see a school bus and a prostitute all at the same time.” It’s something we heard over and over along Fenton Road, a place known for heavy prostitution traffic on Flint’s south side.

“It doesn’t look good for business at all to have that kind of activity going on around here. I wish they could get it cleaned up.” And that’s what Flint police want to do, with help from Facebook.

“Once they’re booked and their photo is taken, that’s a matter of public record. We are going to post it.” That’s right. Front and center on the city’s police Facebook page: booking photos of charged prostitutes and their johns will be posted.

“We’ve done the stings. We’ve made the arrests. So we been doing what we have to do, but maybe this will be just another way that we can convey that the person who wants to think about doing this can think again.”

This proposed public shaming seems to be going over well with people who live and work near known prostitution hot spots in the city. “I think it’s be a great thing to do, get the people out there and known and try to help reduce the problem around the area.”

“I think it’s great. I wish they would put them in the paper, front page, every Sunday.”

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