Find a safe booster seat for the right price

Review finds overall quality of booster seats improving

(CNN) – The latest report from Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is out and looks at booster seats. The report finds safer options across a wide price range.

With so many options, the act of buying booster seats can be daunting for many, raising lots of questions about what’s most important in a seat.

“The most important thing is that the booster seat does a good job positioning the belts, and that means that the lap belt lie flat across the upper thighs and the shoulder belt sit snugly in the center of the shoulder, and that will provide the best protection in a crash.”

The latest review of booster seats from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found the quality of booster seats improving, with more new models achieving their top “best bet” rating than any prior year. Out of 41 new models rated for 2014, 27 received the top rating of “best bet,” and 3 were rated a “good bet,” with options ranging in price from $25 to $370. The full list is at

“We understand from manufacturers that they’ve made changes to their design particularly to improve belt fit, which is which is what we’re looking for with our ratings.”

While most children will be in booster seats between ages four and eight, parents and caregivers should remember that the progression from child seat to booster seat to adult seat belt should be based on height and weight, rather than age alone.

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