What’s really going on in babies’ minds?

Psychologist Lynn Murray wrote a book about the baby brain

(CNN) – To some, babies are a mystery. You can’t really ask them why they’re doing what they’re doing, but there are some ways to try and decode what’s going on.

Psychologist Lynn Murray wrote a book about the baby brain, and she explains a few simple every day issues, like fussing.

We’ve all experienced that baby who cries uncontrollably. Well, it seems they are working out what is going on around them. It can be annoying, but according to Murray, it may be a good thing because they are being responsive to their environment.

Do you ever notice how some kids will sit for what seems like forever and read books? Murray says it is crucial to read to kids very early on, to not only help them to develop their language and attention skills, but to build good habits early on.

Finally, that annoying baby talk that drives you crazy? Well, it just may work. Murray says that exaggerated high pitch tone will capture a baby’s attention and they may listen better to the words you are saying.

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