Sunday winds left many trees damaged

On Sunday, the wind took down trees and power lines

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The strong gusty winds we had Sunday took down some trees and caused some damage to people’s property.

Some trees that withstood this last fierce windy day aren’t necessarily undamaged, and could pose a hazard to you or your property.

On Sunday, the wind took down trees and power lines. One tree came down on a car on Carver Street in the Forest Park neighborhood. Arbortech Tree Services in Springfield have had several calls these past two days, reporting issues with old Silver Maple trees.

Randy Sample, the owner of Arbortech Tree Services LLC, told 22News, “We can look at these trees and identify these problems. We really want to get them before these wind storms happen to eliminate these failures so you don’t create any property damage or harm to anybody.”

If you see any weak or cracked limbs, defects in the trunk of the tree, bark coming off, or stress fractures that look irregular, it could be the sign of a deeper-rooted issue for the next time some windy weather comes.

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