Starting a home-based business

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – Have you ever dreamed about starting your own home-based business? It might be easier than you think! Business Coach and Consultant Mychal Connolly shared more on how to turn your hobby into a career.

How to Start Your Own Home Based Business (Ex. Bakery)

How To Launch a Business. Getting Started!
Staring a business and becoming and entrepreneur is an adventure, exciting and rewarding all at once. People’s motivation for doing so varies: Some have a strong desire no longer to deal with office politics, work for a hard-to-please boss or be hassled by annoying colleagues. Some wish to cut their commute to a matter of mere seconds. Some want to supplement the income provided by their 9-to-5. And some are “accidental entrepreneurs,” who end up running their own business because of job loss or pure happenstance. Starting your own business can be easier than you think if you concentrate on something you’re interested in, exhibit some skill in the area and are willing to learn.

There are thousands, if not millions of business ideas, make yours stand out
If you want to have your own business, you are going to need a business idea. It is estimated that the US has some 20 million Entrepreneurs. There are over 400 million entrepreneurs in the world. Each one has their own business idea

Any idea is pretty much a good idea, even a bad one!
Many successful entrepreneurs started with one idea which failed and then went on to great success. They fail for many reasons: inexperience, failure to recruit a good team, lack of money, and sometimes it is the idea.

How to stand out or be different.
What’s the secret to standing out? For businesses, it’s a combination of simplicity, fun, creativity and innovation. Think of it this way: With Stinky Cakes, the diaper and baby-goods company my wife, Adrienne, and I started, our basic goal was not to sell to our customers, exactly – our goal was to bring out every customer’s inner child.
Everyone has an inner child longing to be nourished. From the grumpiest old grumps to the kindest of the kindhearted, we all have a happy kid inside who loves to be unleashed. To make your business stand out, you’ve got to leave your audience – your customers – smiling and talking. Remember, marketing is a process. A potential consumer typically requires three exposures to your product or service before purchase – but when your marketing stands out, you can expedite this.

What to remember as you launch
Launching your business can seem scary – but when you plan ahead, ask questions and find good mentors, launching can be highly enjoyable. Launching a business will not only help you grow professionally – it’ll help you grow personally, too. Remember to set realistic goals!

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