Review of 2014 Ballot Questions before going to the polls

Local polling places will be open from 7AM to 8PM

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Massachusetts voters will be heading to the polling places Tuesday, on a very significant Election Day.

Massachusetts voters will be electing a new Governor, but most voters 22News spoke with are focused on the questions that will change current laws. There are four binding ballot questions that will appear on a ballot, and you can vote on each in a local polling place from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. statewide.

Question 1 – Do you want to eliminate the state’s gas tax indexing system?

  • A “Yes” means you want to stop the tax from being automatically increased every year
  • A “No” vote leaves the law as it is

“Repealing the automatic gas tax is something we should do. While we do need funds to improve the roads around here there are other ways we could do it and I want to make sure the funds aren’t mismanaged,” Mathew Deis, of West Springfield said.

Question 2 – Do you want to expand the bottle bill?

  • A “Yes” vote will add deposits for non-carbonated drinks like juice or water
  • A “No” vote keeps deposits on carbonated drinks only.

“I’m very excited about the recyclable question I’m going to be voting for that,” Juanita Boudreau, of Springfield said.

Question 3 – Do you want to repeal the states gaming law?

  • A “Yes” vote means you’re voting no to the casinos
  • A “No” vote means you’re voting yes for the casinos

Sonny Calabrese, of West Springfield said, “That vote on the casino… if you want to vote yes you have to vote no and then the opposite.”

Question 4 – Should the state require most companies to offer earned sick time to employees?

  • A “Yes” vote would require employers to give employees a minimum of 40 hours earned sick time

“The sick time. I really believe everyone needs it you never know something happens you know everyone needs some sick time here and there,” Giana D’Agositino, of Springfield said.

The majority of voters will see the same 4 ballot questions, while a dozen districts will have additional questions depending on where you live. Click Here for an Election Day overview.

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